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Frequency Converter

1. The iNPut frequency of this frequency converter is 50Hz 60Hz or 400Hz. The range of output frequency is from 40Hz to 499.9Hz.
2. Users can select output voltage.
3. Programmable key lock setting output frequency.
4. It is designed with a LEDs display to make it easier for the user to read the output voltage, frequency, ampere, wattage and power factor.
5. The true sine wave output is stable.
6. It has the function of self test at power on.
7. This kind of frequency converter is equipped with the protection function of galvanic isolation and it has no harmonic distortion.
8. We use PWM technology to minimize the volume and weight, and IGBT technology to increase the efficiency and reliability, and to eliminate the noise.
9. It is capable of generating all kinds of frequencies used in all countries.
10. The overload capability of this frequency converter is 300%.
11. It uses breaker and alarm for overload, over temperature, and short circuit protection.
12. It is suitable for use with RC, RL and non-linear loads.

This frequency converter is applicable for aviation, laboratories, appliance manufacturers, medical treatment, industry, motor manufacturers, scientific research units, etc.


Phase Single Three
Model 2KVA-45KVA 3KVA-150KVA
Type IGBT/ Pulse Width Modulation
Voltage (Selectable) 1 phase 2wire: 110V(2 to 5kVA)/220V/230V/240V±10%
3phase 4wire:wye type: 190/110V 200/115V 220/128V 230/132V 240/139V±10%
3phase 4wire:wye type: 380/220V 400/230V 440/254V 4600/265V 480/277V±10%
3phase 4wire: Delta type 220;230;240;380;400;415;440V±10%
FREQUENCY(Selectable) 47Hz~63Hz or 400Hz±5%
Voltage 110V Setting (Low Range): 0~150V (Optional:0~520V)
220V Setting (High Range): 0~300V
Voltage Regulation ≦±1%
Frequency 40Hz to 499.9Hz(Programmable)
Frequency Stability ≦±0.01%
Distortion(THD) True Sine Wave,±2%
Frequency Meter 4 LED Digitals, Res. 0.1Hz / Step
Voltmeter 4 LED Digitals, Res. 0.1V
Ampere Meter 4 LED Digitals, Res. 0.1A
Wattmeter 4 LED Digitals, Res. 0.1W
Protection Breaker for Overload, Over Temperature, and Short Circuit
Operating Environment
AMB.TEMP 0~40℃
HUMIDITY 0~90% (Non-condensing)

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