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DG99 Online UPS 3/3

DG99 high frequency UPS possesses double DSP control technology with high capability and complete digital control. In the current market, its performance is better the same rated product from other manufacturers at home and abroad. Its price is absolutely competitive when compared with international manufacturers.

1. Three phase in three phase out is designed to support 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz power grid systems.
2. Our product features true online dual conversion function to provide high quality power ±0.5%.
3. Double DSP with complete digital control makes IGBT rectifier, inverter, charge, discharge and convertor completely high frequency digital.
4. UPS can carry 100% non-balance load and half wave load.
5. It has a wide iSPut voltage anti-jamming range from -40% to +20% and a frequency range from 40 to 70Hz. It is able to adapt to a bad power gird environment.
6. This online UPS has features of high iSPut power factor up to 0.99, green power technology, low harmonic current THDI<3%, and saves energy.
7. The DG99 series of online UPS is equipped with perfect output short circuit protection and 1+1 redundant assistant power supply design.
8. N+N redundant design for the cooling fan of the main power components.
9. Online sense and protection function for components state, like IGBT, SCR, fuse, fans, etc. All of them can be inspected online and alarm by buzzer and LCD display.
10. Intelligent battery management is used to prolong the battery life.
11. It features a large LCD screen display, friendly human-machine interface, and thousands of pieces of history record memorized.
12. Blow front face in, blow upward out. It is convenient to install a matched cabinet side by side and the back door can be installed against the wall to save space.
13. Similar modularize design makes it easy to maintenance.
14. Complete maintenance can be done from the front, all components maintenance and replacement can be done from the front door, so there is no need to move the unit or take down the side door.
15. Adoption of air intake screened and separate duct from inductance and module, make sure no dust is accumulated inside UPS. This improves unit reliability and prolongs the life of the fan.
16. It supports up and down wire connection.
17. The online UPS 3/3 uses dispersive parallel technology to support redundant parallel up to 6 and expansion online.
18. The digital circumfluence technology has functions of small circumfluence and high reliable parallel.
19. It has optional main circuit back feed protection, bypass back feed protection, battery leakage protection, and battery cold start function.

Our DG99 online UPS 3/3 is applicable to internet service providers (ISP), internet data centers (IDC), network control centers or computer centers, the charge system, bank and bond settlement centers, business servers, industrial process control applications, office automation systems, precision instruments etc.


Capacity 30KVA 40KVA 50KVA 60KVA 80KVA 90KVA 100KVA 120KVA
Rating 24KW 32KW 40KW 48KW 64KW 72KW 80KW 96KW
Main ISPut Voltage 380V/400V (Linear voltage)
Phase Three phase four wire
P. F. >0.99
Harmonic Current (THDI ) <3%
Voltage Range +20%~-40% Linear rating drop between -20%~-40% and 100%~50%
Frequency Range 40~70Hz
Bypass ISPut ISPut Voltage 380/400/415V (linear voltage)
ISPut Voltage Range +20%~-50%
ISPut Phase Three phase four wire
Frequency Range 40~70Hz
Output Stable Voltage Precision (Balanceable Load) ±0.5%
Dynamic Voltage in Instantaneous Change ±2% (0~100% load change)
Voltage aberration (Linear Load) THD<0.5% (Phase voltage)
Voltage aberration (Non-linear Load) THD<5% (Phase voltage)
P.F. 0.8 (lag)
Frequency Track Range 50Hz±3Hz
Frequency Precision (Battery Inverter) ±0.1%
3 Phase Difference 120±0.5 (Balanceable or un-balanceable load)
100% Imbalance Degree of Un-balanceable Load Voltage ±3%
Frequency Track Speed <1Hz/s
Inverter Overload Capability 105%<110%, transfer to bypass after 60minutes
111%<125%, transfer to bypass and output after 10±0.1 minutes
125%< 150%, transfer to bypass and output after 1 minute
Bypass Overload Capability Run long time when 150% load Hold on 100ms when load>1000%
System System Efficiency (Linear Load) 91%
Battery Inverter Efficiency (Linear Load) 91%
Display LCD+LED
EMC/EMI Conduction/ Radiation FCC Part 15, Class A
Harmonic Current IEC6 1000-3-12
Anti-Jamming EN 6 1000-4-2 .3.4.. Level III, EN 6 1000-4-5 Level Ⅳ
Safety Requirement
Noise (1m) 55dB 55dB 62dB 62dB 62dB 64dB 65dB 65dB
Insulated Resistance > 2M (500VDC)
Insulated Intensity (ISPut, output against ground) 2820Vdc; electricity leakage is less than 3.5mA; no flashover 1 min.
Electricity Surge Protection Meet IEC60664-1 Ⅳ installation requirement, bear 1.2/50us+8/20us
mixed wave capability is not less than 6KV/3KA
Defense Level IP20
Battery Quantity 40PCs /38~42 PCs (optional) x12V battery
Installation Wire Connection Up and down wire connection
Physics Environment Altitude <3000M
Humidity 0-95% (non-condensing)
Working Temperature 0-40 ℃
Storage Temperature -20-70 ℃
Dimension(mm) (LxWxH) 700x800x1820 1000x800x1880
N.W.(KGs) 300 320 340 360 400 550 570 600
Measure(mm) (LxWxH) 790x880x1980 1090x880x1980

One UPS is packed in one carton.
We are an online UPS 3/3 manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We offer online UPS 3/3, outdoor UPS, low frequency UPS, AC stabilizer, sealed lead acid battery, etc. We provide high quality products at a competitive price. The full chain of manufacturing online UPS, inverters, frequency converters can be completed in China, even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. More details of each product are shown on the description page.

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