1. DG20 LED UPS Our LED UPS comes with a highly synchronous transfer. The transfer time is less than 6ms.
      It provides a wide iSPut range 220V ± 25%.
      It has functions of a fully AVR, surge protection and self-detection on startup.
      Cold start mode is available for this product.
    1. DG20 LCD UPSIt has advantages of automatically distinguishing output frequency, self-diagnosis on startup, lightning and surge protections and short circuit and overload protections.
      It uses boost and buck AVR.
      It is equipped with LCD display and audible alarm.
    1. DG20R UPS It has a software monitoring feature, both RS232 and USB connection interface are allowed.
      Many front panels and colors provided for you to choose from.
      The UPS batteries are specifically designed by our company.
      Designed with over voltage and low voltage protection functions.
    1. DG20N UPS This series of UPS uses a microprocessor-based Digital Control.
      Wide iSPut voltage and frequency range are available.
      It comes with pure sine wave output waveform.
      Self detection of iSPut frequency, 50Hz/60Hz.
    1. DG20NR UPS Microprocessor-based digital control
      This UPS comes with wide iSPut voltage and frequency range.
      Pure sine wave output waveform
      Self detection of iSPut frequency (50Hz/60Hz)
    1. Outdoor UPS It features high reliability, energy saving and environmental protection.
      This outdoor UPS comes with unattended and intelligent monitoring for user to select.
      Inverter isolation and pure sine wave technology are available.
      This product has an online UPS protection function.

Line Interactive UPS

Our company is a line interactive UPS manufacturer, based in China.  We offer line interactive UPS, online UPS, AC stabilizer, sealed lead acid battery, inverter.  We provide high quality products at a competitive price.  The full chain of manufacturing high frequency UPS, frequency converter, DC module can be completed in China, even in one city.  Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost.  More details of each product are shown on the description page.
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